We’re Launching a New Campaign.

Starting today, we’re launching a new long term campaign.

This campaign is meant to support Reeves Moore. Reeves is a true MS Warrior. Diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS, Reeves has embarked on the long challenge that is a stem cell transplant.

Reeves is from London, Ontario. That means that every 4 weeks Reeves and his mother board a train and make the long trip to London in order to receive maintenance doses of chemotherapy just to keep his immune system at bay. They then return to London. This, by itself, is an expensive ordeal involving the booking of a hotel room in Ottawa. Just to be ready for the stem cell transplant.

Once the transplant starts, Reeves will be in hospital for approximately six weeks. He’ll be confined to Ottawa and unable to travel too far away from the hospital for another six months. With no immune system, Reeves will have to be very careful about where he goes and who he even interacts with.

Reeves and his mother will have to rent housing in Ottawa for that six month period as he continues to receive outpatient care. All of this becomes very expensive. In addition to housing costs, he will have to worry about transportation to the hospital, eating well, paying for medication, and a myriad of other issues that always come up throughout the entire transplant.

The general campaign to help fellow MS Warriors has been very successful. But now is the time to shift our focus to assisting patients specifically as best we can. MS can be debilitating, it can be lonely. It can leave you in a dark place. But together we are stronger than the disease. And with each MS Warrior we help, we become stronger as a community.

Please help MS Warrior Fund help Reeves.

You can donate right now by visiting the go fund me campaign we’ve established for Reeves at this link – https://www.gofundme.com/5zwveqo?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=8573514ada554ec0a80fc797c785f2f7

Thank you to everyone and all the supporters. If you can’t donate yourself, please share the link around with friends and family.

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