Your September 23rd Update

I’m a few days behind here. I had an update video a couple days ago and forgot to post the matching blog. So it’s hanging out on YouTube if you really want to check it out. Why wouldn’t you? All the updates are really exciting.

So after a couple full days off, I was back at it again. I wasn’t planning on it being two full days off, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, the storms here on Friday we’re umm not kind. And I was supposed to have a medical appointment Saturday that was only cancelled at the last minute because of the ongoing power issues in Ottawa.

I spent Saturday morning in Ottawa’s west end and the power outages are really widespread. Most things are just shirt down. They simply can’t function.

So I managed to run today. Did my usual jaunt down the Cataraqui trail. Some issues with my feet going numb. But that happens. Guess what? I have MS.

Anyway, here’s the video. Shot on the new phone.

Go ahead and yell at me

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