Your Pre-Race Update

No video this time. I have some photos to add in. I flew into Charlottetown on Thursday. So it was a day off for travel. Which was nice. But I got in a run yesterday. My first run on the island. Early in the morning when it was still dark. And it was raining.

It was a great run. It was one way. And it was fast. And it was alone. And my legs felt great. Really really great.

I ended the run at the Hot 105.5 studio downtown. Where I met up with Ashley, my host for 5 days I’m sure she’s going to regret. She’s running the marathon too. She asked me to do it in the first place. So this is all her fault. I also met Johnny. But nobody cares about that.

I’ll post the audio of the interview we did if or when I find it.

At this point I’m really just down to preparing my body for the marathon. Making sure I’m hydrated and that I have enough carbs and treating my nagging MS body into just a little bit better condition.

This morning, I did run a quick 4.5km just to keep my legs loose. Nothing serious. Just getting the blood pumping to my legs.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully putting up a good time.

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