What’s next?

Well it’s been a week of trying to recover from the marathon. Knowing I was running a local event this morning.

So this morning I ran the Sole Sister’s 10K and finished 2nd. It’s a fun race to run and there is definitely a sense of community. The run supports cancer research and as a cancer survivor myself, it’s one of the only event I do.

Even though the cancer is what set off my MS and lead to the stem cell transplant, I always looked at it as a secondary issue for me medically. The MS was the primary concern. Because it was going to continue no matter what I did.

After finishing the race, I came home and registered for the marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend. For anybody who hasn’t run in Ottawa, it is absolutely one of the best cities in the world to run in. No question. The marathon course is flat and fast and the entire race weekend is done with an incredible amount of professionalism that reaches even the most casual of runners.

Personally I’m waiting on test results to come in this week that are going to be very important to dictating my future. But regardless, I will be participating in Race Weekend.

Look for a new fundraising campaign to pop up in the months before the marathon.

Thanks everyone for your support.

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