About the Fund

The MS warrior fund is designed to assist people who live with multiple sclerosis. MS can be a debilitating and lonely disease. Outside of its physical impact, it can have unseen emotional and cognitive symptoms.

Patients don’t just see neurologists for treatment. They may also have to seek out the care of neuropsychologists and therapists and other medical professionals. The costs associated with properly treating MS can be a source of stress and ultimately disease progression.

The MS Warrior Fund hopes to eliminate some of that stress. Whether it’s through helping with access to medical professionals or through enabling physical independence, we’re here to help.

But how will the fund work?

It’s really very simple.  To make things a bit easier, here’s a very simple flow chart:

How the fund works.002

What this ultimately means is that the donation money stays static in investments.  It does not move around, it is not used for operational costs, it does not immediately leave the fund in any way.  The fund operates entirely off investment growth.

By operating in this manner, the hope and the goal is that the fund is able to provide some security of return to the MS community while simultaneously increasing the strength of the fund.

In order to make sure we are doing the right thing for MS patients in the best way possible, we will be operating with a board of advisors and seeking to be as absolutely transparent as possible. The board of advisors will consist of experienced and talented people in their respective fields. This will help to ensure that as the fund is established, it functions securely and optimally. The board will also consist of several MS patients in order to help best direct assistance to those that need it.